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10/15/2013 Public Policy
Want to Learn More About Prop. 6?

By Amy Ramos, Managing Director of Communications

Prop6YESAs we look to the future, the State of Texas does not have an adequate supply of water to meet the needs of our growing population.  On November 5th, Texans will have the opportunity to change that by voting Yes for Prop. 6. 

With voter approval, Prop. 6 will authorize a one-time, $2 billion transfer from the Rainy Day Fund to create the State Water Implementation Fund for Texas (SWIFT), ensuring a reliable, long-term supply of clean water for Texans.   No state taxes will increase as a result of creating this fund. The SWIFT will leverage up to $30 billion in funding for local water projects over five decades, effectively fulfilling the state's portion of water plan funding. This constitutional amendment would require the regional and statewide prioritization of water projects provided in the plan, and would make the financing of these projects more affordable, enabling local communities to access cost-effective interest rates to invest in water needs. 

Texas can’t afford not to vote Yes for Prop. 6.  A lack of water, or even a ripple of uncertainty about our future access to water, will negatively impact our state’s economy and could mean the loss of up to 1.1 million jobs by the year 2060. 
Do you want to spread the word about Prop. 6 or learn more before you vote Yes?  Visit www.WaterTexas.com, or use the links below to access the Prop. 6 tool kit. 

Water for Texas Presentation
Water for Texas One Pager
Water for Texas Flyer

Voter Information
Ready to vote Yes for Prop. 6?  Early voting begins Monday, Oct. 21, and the election will be held Nov. 5.  Use the links below to connect with your personal voting information. 

Dallas County voting information
Collin County voting information
Denton County voting information


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